Han Kang, Pre-Departure

I am very excited to begin my work under Dr. Milena Weinstein and Dr. Youngwu Kim at the MGH urogynecology unit. My correspondence with Dr. Kim has been very positive so far, and I am excited to start our research. 

So far, most of my patient care experience was from the context as an EMT care provider. Most of my patient interactions were with patients with acute medical conditions, stable but in need of transfer between facilities, and chronically unwell. Most of my patients in the past were either headed to the emergency room or being shuffled between inpatient suites. I look forward to the outpatient experience at the urogyn department, which I imagine to be very distinct from the patients I have interacted with in the past.

In highschool, I had the opportunity to shadow laparoscopic sleeves and hernia repairs. I thoroughly enjoyed being in the operating room and I am excited to shadow different types of surgeries as well. In particular, I am excited at the prospect of viewing a gender affirming surgery, as they are a particularly new procedure.

I look forward to gaining a better insight on the structure of hospital care and how the various roles of care providers and departments play into creating treatment plans. I am eager to dive into research and parse out data, as well as forming meaningful connections with the medical team and patients alike. 

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