Jenna Ye, Pre-departure 

 This summer shadowing experience with Dr. Marc Sher at the Long Island Jewish Medical Center will take place in two main areas of the hospital, the OR and the doctor’s office. I will be able to experience, from a first-hand perspective, what the daily activities are for a doctor. For instance, how one interacts with a patient to ensure their current and future health, and how a colonoscopy procedure works. In the past week of preparation for my first day, there were several documents that I had to complete to gain access to the OR. With COVID restrictions in mind, one thing that caught my eye was the physical examination, specifically in regards to vaccinations and TB testing. I was quite curious as to why this particular test was a necessity, which led to a line of inquiry that was satiated by several discussions and online readings. What surprised me was how easily this infection could spread (particularly in how similar it was to COVID-19), as well as the procedures implemented by both private and public institutions alike, such as universities and hospitals, to ensure that a TB epidemic, also known as “the white death/plague,” does not occur. This little experience taught me to always keep an open mind about the processes and reasoning behind implemented mechanisms. I believe this can be a useful mindset when it comes to exploring and educating myself on new topics. I would be curious to learn more about how universal precautions in hospitals and clinics can be linked to past epidemics or other historical events. Adapting to the ever-changing present has always been the key to survival and I am quite interested to see its applications in the medical field.

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