Sasha Gershman, Final Thoughts

I am very thankful to Dr. Sbayi and his OR throughput committee who gave me the opportunity to learn and participate in not only such a fascinating, but very important quality initiative project. This quality initiative project was one that truly merged and connected the various components of medicine from the clinical, technical, administrative, and hospitality sides to better serve the patient community. This quality initiative project, while benefiting the patient community, also helped to promote better work flow in the hospital’s internal system. While I am still working with Dr. Sbayi on this project, I am so thankful that this opportunity has given me such a new perspective on medicine. It has taught me that medicine is not just a product of providing the utmost level of patient treatment and care, but a multi-dimensional field that stresses the importance of coalescing patient care, hospitality, and an internal hospital system that works for both the patient and members of the patient care team.

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