Sasha Gershman, Midway Point

Through my research rotation with Dr. Sbayi, I am very thankful for the opportunity to not only learn about all of the research components, but for the chance to be able to practice these skills first hand. Dr. Sbayi provided me with the opportunity to join in on a quality initiative project that served all the service lines throughout the hospital. I was first involved in learning how to conduct the IRB process. It was so interesting to see how in-depth and thorough the IRB process is. I learned how to conduct literature reviews in a calculated and methodical manner that helped to ensure that the literature review was comprehensive. As the literature review became more and more comprehensive, it was fascinating to see how the literature review could serve as the initial guide or blueprint for the potential structure of the research paper. Each week, I meet with Dr. Sbayi and we discuss how the paper currently is, next steps (in terms of writing or data), as well as what contacts within the hospital I can reach out to for more information to incorporate into the paper. I am so thankful for the opportunities to meet and talk with so many different people that compose the hospital’s team, from CRNAs, to anesthesiologists, to hospital administration, and to data analysts. I also get to participate in a weekly research meeting and listen in to all of the different projects that are occurring in the hospital. 

I am involved in the data aggregation process for the quality initiative research project. It is so interesting to see how telling and reflective the numbers are in presenting how successful the overall outcomes are. Going through the data aggregation process from start to finish and then being able to use those numbers to generate various graphs and figures to represent the outcomes has been very insightful.

I am also learning about the different platforms Stony Brook University Hospital uses to collect and store their data, as it relates to patient’s surgery cases. It is so interesting to learn about Stony Brook’s very own data mining service and how they also use a third party vendor tool to validate the data collected on surgery cases from their own service. 

I could not be more thankful for this opportunity to learn about the vital integration between treating patients clinically, as well as from the administrative and hospitality side.

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