Sasha Gershman, Pre-departure


I am incredibly grateful for the opportunity to shadow Dr. Sbayi at Stony Brook University Hospital this summer. I am very interested in learning more about general emergency surgery and specifically, how it manages to exist as such a diverse and multifaceted specialty, while also such a specialized service. I am also very excited for the opportunity to witness, learn, and participate in patient-centered research that integrates and merges both the clinical, technical, and business aspects of medicine. 

My exposure to medicine so far has strictly been from a volunteer and familial perspective, having seen my grandparents traverse through many different medical battles. And though I have experienced medicine from a volunteering facet and a familial aspect, all of these frontiers have only further persuaded me to experience medicine from a more clinical aspect. I am excited to have the opportunity to witness how good patient communication is an integral necessity in positively influencing patient diagnoses, treatments, and outlooks, as well as how vital communication is in prompting on-time starts for first cases in the hospital. From the Brandeis Summer Shadowing Program, I hope to further catalyze my love of medicine by gaining a clinical experience of medicine that will make my outlook on medicine more well-rounded, covering the clinical, personal, cultural diversity, and emotional aspects of medicine.

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