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Final Thoughts – Ariel Lee

It’s been a few weeks since I left Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center and said goodbye to Colorectal surgeon Dr. Cataldo. I am still reeling over how incredible this experience has been and how much personal growth I have achieved … Continue reading

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Midway Point – Ariel Lee

Today marks my fourth week of shadowing Dr. Cataldo in the Colo-Rectal Surgery department. It amazes me that I have already spent over eighty hours in the OR and clinic, and also that I oddly feel at ease with observing … Continue reading

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Pre Departure (Ariel)

Today marks the end of spring semester, which is bittersweet. However, I am extremely excited for the summer to come. I am very grateful to the Brandeis Summer Shadowing Program for allowing me the invaluable opportunity to shadow Dr. Cataldo, … Continue reading

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