The 2021 Shadows & Blog Entry (on Right)

                     Massachusetts General Hospital – Boston, MA

                                     Aliyu Alghali– Class of 2022 – Chemistry (Chemical Biology)

        Yifu Zhang– Class of 2022 – Biology and Chemical Biology

Han Kang – Class of 2022 – Neuroscience and Biology, HSSP

Cambridge Health Alliance – Cambridge, MA

  Alexandra Martin– Class of 2022 – Biochemistry


Stony Brook University Medical Hospital – Stony Brook, NY

Alexandra Gershman – Class of 2022-  Chemistry (Chemical Biology)

Long Island Jewish Medical Center – Queens, NY

Jenna Ye – Class of 2023-  Biology, Minor in Psychology

Lingfei Sun – Class of 2022- Biology, Neuroscience

Surgery Group of Los Angeles–Los Angeles, CA

Kate Wetzel – Class of 2023- Biology and Health: Science, Society, and Policy