By car:

Brandeis is close to the intersection of Rt 128 and the Mass Turnpike. It is actually on South Street in Waltham, which runs between Rt 20 and Rt 30.
For driving directions, see

When you come to the main entrance on South Street, there is no need to stop at the kiosk. Turn left to get on the peripheral road. In about 200 meters you will see the Spingold Theater on your left (circular brick building with a strange white cylinder on top), and you should turn left in front of it to reach T-lot parking. T-lot is huge, and you may have to head towards the opposite corner to find a spot, or even to the spillover lots which are off the road leading down the hill from that corner. It is just a three to four minute stroll to the meeting location

Walk back past the Theater, to the peripheral road. (In front of you is the green student center with lots of glass and metal; it is a possible lunch location. To the left of it on a rise is the faculty club (single story white building) which is another possibility for lunch. A bit to the right is the shiny new Shapiro Science Center, also with lots of glass and metal (see a picture on the home page). The reception will be there in the ground floor atrium). Look to your left along the peripheral road. You will see a display of what look like Victorian gas street lights (they are). It is an art installation by the late, eminent artist Chris Burden. Behind it is the Rose Art Gallery, widely regarded as one of the best modern art museums in New England. Unfortunately it is closed for the summer. It would have been very cool to have the reception there. Immediately to the left of the Rose is the Pollock Fine Arts Teaching Center, a red brick buildiong that is your destination. The auditorium is through the metal doors on your left. The room for posters and refreshments is just around the corner on your right.

By rail:

It is perfectly feasible to get here by train. The Fitchburg line commuter train out of North Station stops at “Brandeis-Roberts”. For the latest schedules, see It is a six minute walk to the meeting location. Start walking up the hill. Half way up, cross the road and cut through between new dorms to enter the campus. Walk up the steps on your right and continue north; you will soon see the green student center in front of you. Turn left on the peripheral road and follow the instructions given above.

You could also get here by MBTA on the green line to Riverside. Then you would have to take a cab to Brandeis ( 3 miles).