My recent trip to South Sudan on 7/23/2018 to locate my niece was partially successful. While I was in juba, I managed to travel to the area where my niece is believed to be held with the help of the local government officials of Pibor State. During the trip, I was with the governor of Pibor State, David Yau Yau who promised to locate my niece. Since I came back to Boston by the end of August, 2018, I had two phone conversations with the local government officials involved in the search- so far, they have not made any breakthrough.

In the meantime, the efforts on the ground in South Sudan to secure the release of my niece had been really slow. Part of the challenges in the effort is because of the current political environment in South Sudan. Also, the departure of the former Ambassador to the UN, Samantha Power who was very instrumental in the case was a big setback