Photo Documentary Idea

Pitch 1:

Interview a kid who is currently on probation for Grand Larceny. I would like to dissect his character and how he has moved on from the past and lives today after committing crimes as a minor.  I would conduct a sit down interview as well as depict his personal life now in comparison to his past. I would need his consent so I cannot name him now but this is one of my ideas.

Pitch 2:

Interview the president of ZBT and dissect what it is like to manage 50 plus members. I would develop a profile for his character and how he has changed before and after becoming president. I suspect there are many ways he persuades the members of the fraternity to act and be organized so I would like to see how he manages it. I am also curious to see why he decided to take the position in the first place and how expects this experience in the future.


Hey! My name is Noa Iimura. Im a double major in Business and Film with a monor in Economics. I grew up in Tokyo and moved to the U.S. 5 years ago. I’ve been interested in film for a while and I currently run a few YouTube channels. I recently shot a documentary for Japanese TV in California about an upcoming biotech firm and have been involved in journalism since High School. A current news story I am interested in off campus is the Red Sox using Apple Watches to steal the signs of the Yankees during a game. I have always wondered how easy it is to decode signals and what the ethics around it was so this article was intriguing. For an on campus piece, I was interested in the recent bomb threat to Brandeis and if this was an isolate incident or if there had been more in the past.

Yankees article:

Bomb Threat:

Noa Iimura