Photo Documentary Idea

Pitch 1:

Interview a kid who is currently on probation for Grand Larceny. I would like to dissect his character and how he has moved on from the past and lives today after committing crimes as a minor.  I would conduct a sit down interview as well as depict his personal life now in comparison to his past. I would need his consent so I cannot name him now but this is one of my ideas.

Pitch 2:

Interview the president of ZBT and dissect what it is like to manage 50 plus members. I would develop a profile for his character and how he has changed before and after becoming president. I suspect there are many ways he persuades the members of the fraternity to act and be organized so I would like to see how he manages it. I am also curious to see why he decided to take the position in the first place and how expects this experience in the future.

2 Replies to “Photo Documentary Idea”

  1. These pitches both sound interesting, and I like how they focus on a specific person and their story. Which one do you think you would be able to get better photos for?

    I’m very interested in the grand larceny story, personally, and think a lot of other people would be as well. The story on ZBT however would get a lot of interest simply because people in the fraternity would likely watch it. It seems like something they would even be interested in posting to their Facebook or something like that, if you’d be interested in a piece that will get more exposure.

  2. Hi Noa,

    I especially like your first idea. It has a lot of potential to become an emotionally charged story, as you’ll be getting this person to talk about some decisions that have impacted his life in significant ways. And it has a ready-made dramatic arc in which you could explore the evolution of his character, from his motivation to commit these crimes to his experience in a correctional facility to his attitude post-release.

    The second idea would probably only work if you’re able to find an angle that emphasizes a broader contribution to community life at Brandeis–the organizational structure of the fraternity alone is a rather insular topic. I also wouldn’t recommend pursuing it if you belong to this fraternity, as it can be difficult to get a good story if you don’t have sufficient distance from your interview subject.


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