Video Ideas

First Idea

A video that interviews those who went abroad and compare their experiences. Some ideas I want to explore include, why they went abroad what was their objective, what difficulties they encountered and how they changed if they did when they got back. I have a lot of footage from abroad so I can include clips from that as well as how interview my friends who were on similar programs.

Second idea:

Discover what it means to be in a frat and if greek life should be recognized by the school. I would interview my friends in the frat and also interview the administration on its current stance and why they havnt been recognized. I would like to know the pros and cons and what risks the school has. Tackle the question of how Brandeis can overcome its poor social life reputation.

2 Replies to “Video Ideas”

  1. Hi Noa,

    A couple of years ago I had another student do a piece about Greek Life at Brandeis and he wasn’t able to come up with any interesting B-roll, so I would want to hear some specific ideas about B-roll before giving you a green light to proceed with this story. Also, since you belong to a frat I believe there may be a conflict of interest here. How would you balance points of view in your storytelling? Who from the administration would you interview? Could you speak to members of different fraternities? Could you speak to students with both positive and negative views about Brandeis fraternities?

    Your Study Abroad Experiences story sounds intriguing, but again, how would you balance it? You mention that you have a lot of footage from your own travels abroad, but I don’t want this piece to be a personal travelogue. Who else could you interview aside from your friends? Could you speak with someone from the Study Abroad office about the variety of programs available, and then find a variety of students to speak with as representatives of different programs?


  2. Hi! I think that the study abroad piece could be hard to get original footage for. I know you have your footage, but you also aren’t interviewing yourself so I don’t know if that would be the most useful. I think the Greek life piece could be really interesting though, and that a lot of people would be interested in watching it. You could shoot video at fundraising events, but aside from that it seems like a lot of the initiation-esque or at house events couldn’t really be on video, which could be hard.

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