Story Pitches

Story Pitch 1: Sudden Termination of Julius Caesar Jukebox Musical 

On January 23rd at 8:30pm, members of the cast and crew of Julius Caesar Jukebox Musical received an email regarding the termination of the performance.  Matt Hoisch, the director of the show, stressed his appreciation for the cast and crew, however explained he was not eligible to successfully direct the musical. Tres Fimmano, the director of lighting, and Matt Hoisch  would be potential interviewee subjects.  The general theatre community at Brandeis was never made aware of the sudden cancellation, leaving many excited musical enthusiasts confused and disappointed. 


Story Pitch 2: Staff Upset Regarding Opening of Dunkin Donuts in Upper Usdan? 

Dunkin Donuts opened a new location at Brandeis University; the branch is now located in Upper Usdan. While many enthusiastically anticipated its opening, it seemed employees of nearby coffee venders were not as enthused.  Employees at Brandeis’ Starbucks surveyed customers regarding their perception of the coffee at Dunkin Donuts, often adding that they were dissatisfied with its “watery” taste. One employee explained that the coffee was cheap and Starbucks’ was of a higher quality.  Potential interviewees include employees at both Starbucks and Dunking Donuts. The report aims to better understand the apparent tension between the employees of both venders.


Trump’s Move on Abortion

Trump, surrounded by a group of men, reinstated a law which banned the use of federal money to fund international groups which perform abortions. The controversial image of President Trump and five men making decisions regarding the bodies of women, angered feminists around the world. While Trump was pro-choice in 1999, he quickly adopted an anti abortionist mindset and reported that women who have abortions after the practice is forbidden should receive “some form of punishment.”

Boston Women’s March

The Boston Women’s March rallied over 135,000 distressed protestors. The event organizers originally estimated a turnout of 25,000, however, their calculations were quickly proved incorrect – by the 17th of January, 60,000 had registered for the march. Unsurprisingly, Trump tweeted, “I don’t always agree” in response to the protests, however recognized “the rights of people to express their views.   Hypocritically, Trump proceeded to ban EPA employees from from publishing press releases and more generally communicating with the public.