What I’ve Been Up To

Between starting classes, working on the paper and getting just a few hours of sleep each night, it’s been a crazy couple of weeks. Honestly, I could really use a vacation right now (or at least a burrito and a nap)!

Here are some shots I took at the Crew Team’s morning practice and at the Justice office, respectively.

That said, I have been experimenting with taking digital photos–both on Auto and Manual (which I’m still getting the hang of). I’ve also been drafting up a couple pitches for this upcoming slideshow/audio narrative project, which I’m looking forward to working on.

On a campus-level, there’s this senior I know through the paper who does these amazing works of art: drawings, sculptures, mixed media pieces, etc. Her work draws on pop culture a bit, and she’s a bit of a free spirit herself, which is reflected in her work. I believe it might make for an interesting human-interest piece to follow her around as she works on her latest project–a 3D woodwork “forest.” I might start off by asking her questions about this project in particular, like what inspired it, who she’s working with, what supplies she’s using, etc. I could also go big-picture and ask her about what inspires her, where she likes to go to create art and how she feels about that place, past projects, and so on and so forth. I think there’s some great potential if I dig in a little deeper, and I know the photos of her in actions and of the final project will be interesting.

On a different note, the U.S. News and World Report just placed Brandeis #34 in the nation’s top universities in their yearly ranking (which comes out at the start of college application season). I believe it could make for an interesting piece to shadow the staff at the admissions center as they go about preparing for fall college applications, greeting prospective students, giving presentations on the University and–if I could be¬†allowed a glimpse into this process–as they size-up the applications themselves. I might ask them what they are looking for in the ideal applicant, how they decide whom to admit, how they market the school to potential applicants, etc. It might also be worthwhile to get a feel for the workplace there–whether it’s tense during the applicant rush, how the staff operate and work with each other, and so on. This would be a great place to get some candid shots of visitors and staff members, especially if I could shadow a tour of campus.

So that’s what I’ve been tossing around. More to come as I finalize the details and start interviewing!

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