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JOURN-15A Video Project

Wednesday, March 30th, 2016

Video Pitches

Saturday, March 5th, 2016

1. With the Presidential election being a major news topic, and the Massachusetts primary having just taken place, my first idea is to do a story about all of the first time voters, since many on campus have likely never before voted in a Presidential race. It could focus on what it was like for them, whether it met expectations, what type of research into the candidates they did.

2. The Usen Castle, one of the dorms on campus, has been announced to be closing at the end of the Fall 2016 semester, because administration has deemed it dangerous. I could do a story about the building, what problems it has, what may happen to the building, what caused the decision to be made, and how people feel about its closing.

3. The Community advisors are important leaders in the campus community, who set up events for Brandeis students, offer guidance to their floor residents, and patrol the dorm buildings at night to make sure everyone is safe and not causing problems. They don’t often get recognition though, so I could do a story about what they actually do on campus, what it’s like, what made them become a CA, how they set up events.