Multimedia Story Ideas

The Closing of the Usen Castle- The Usen Castle has become an iconic location here at Brandeis, and has been used for Sophomore housing. I could look at why exactly the castle is being closed, what led to the decision to close it, what the plan is in replacing the lost Sophomore housing, what can be expected to replace it, and what kind of timeline can be expected. I could talk to current or former students who have lived in the castle, along with administration involved in closing it, and those involved with deciding its future.

David Prouty High School Problems- My former high school back in my hometown of Spencer, MA has gone through a whole host of problems in the past year. A new Superintendent was brought in who proceeded to replace all of the district’s principals with her own people. She put two beloved teachers under investigation, which led to most other teachers dropping their stipend positions in fear of a witch hunt, and in protest. The high school has gone through two or three Vice-Principals this year alone, one having not even stepped foot in the building, while it’s had at least two Principals. The students launched a walk out back in November, yet the district hasn’t made much progress since. It could be hard willing to find teachers or administrators willing to talk about everything that has been going on; though it might be possible to find students and parents willing to talk about the conditions and the problems the school has been facing.

Walk for Hunger- Every year Project Bread hosts the Walk for Hunger in Boston, where they try to raise money to stop hunger. I could do a story about where the money raised goes to and why the people who participate in the walk do so. I could go to the walk and try to talk to walkers and people involved. One problem with this idea is that the walk is only one day; it might be hard to find people to talk to, and it’s not until early May.

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