The Castle’s Closing

The Closing of the Usen Castle

The Usen Castle has become an iconic location here at Brandeis, and has long been used for Sophomore housing.

Castle Tower

Recently, Brandeis announced a plan to close the castle and demolish the majority of it. Since that announcement, the Waltham Historical Commission has imposed a one-year demolition delay on the castle in hopes of keeping more of the structure.

They consider the castle a historical piece of Waltham and feel it is a major connection between the University and the city.

Castle Image

I plan to look at why exactly the castle is being closed, what led to the decision to close it, what the plan is in replacing the lost Sophomore housing, what can be expected to replace it, and what kind of timeline can be expected. I’m also hoping to speak to the Waltham Historical Commission and ask about their hopes for the building, what they are doing,  and what it represents to them. I may also try to talk to current or former students who have lived in the castle, along with the committee involved in closing it, and those involved with deciding its future.



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  1. Ruth Kirshner says:

    I am a member of the class of 1988. I am so devastated by the prospect of the castle being largely demolished. With Ford Hall having been demolished, the castle is the only other original building to the school. I had friends that lived in the castle, and I always enjoyed exploring the quirky and interesting building. Much of the campus suffers from unfortunate 1970’s architecture and the castle is the most beautiful and iconic building on campus. The Historic Commission’s concern over the demolition of the building, which is also a landmark in Waltham, is appropriate. I hope that Brandeis will devise another plan for the building that does not include its demolition, in whole or in part.

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