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I am a Ph.D. candidate in History at Brandeis University. My scholarly interests include the American Revolution, slavery, and warfare in the eighteenth-century world.

Counterrevolutions, Empires, and Canada

“Encampment of the Loyalists in Johnstown,” National Archives of Canada When we think about the relationship between revolution and counterrevolution in the eighteenth-century Atlantic world, perhaps we should be thinking about Canada. Modern Canada’s constitutional foundations have their origins in … Continue reading

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The Many Lives of Fortune Freeman

This is a blog about people in revolution. Specifically, it’s a blog about documents and what they can and cannot tells us about the people who participate in revolutions. It is inspired by something Kathleen DuVal said at our November … Continue reading

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William Henry Drayton and the Meaning of Revolution

One of my broader intellectual goals in this seminar is to track down the origins of the term “American Revolution.” In other words, when did eighteenth-century Americans begin using the phrase to describe what they were about, and what meaning … Continue reading

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