Jane Kamensky – Harry S. Truman Professor of American Civilization and Chair, Department of History, Brandeis University

Susan S. Lanser – Professor of Comparative Literature, English, and Women’s and Gender Studies and Head, Division of Humanities, Brandeis University

Julia Gaffield, Postdoctoral Fellow – Assistant Professor of History, Georgia State University

John Hannigan, Predoctoral Fellow – PhD Candidate in History, Brandeis University

Jeanna Kadlec, Predoctoral Fellow – PhD Student in English, Brandeis University

Cassandra N. Berman – PhD Student in History, Brandeis University

Richard D. Brown – Board of Trustees Distinguished Professor of History, Emeritus, University of Connecticut

Charlotte Daniels – Associate Professor of Romance Languages, Bowdoin College

Malick W. Ghachem – Associate Professor of History, Massachusetts Institute of Technology

Geraldine Gudefin – PhD Student in History, Brandeis University

Thomas A. King – Associate Professor of English, Brandeis University

Haram Lee – PhD Student in English, Brandeis University

Martha McNamara – Director of New England Arts & Architecture Program, Wellesley College

Michael Randall – Professor of French and Comparative Literature, Brandeis University

Jeffrey S. Ravel – Professor of History, Massachusetts Institute of Technology

Faith Smith – Associate Professor of English, African and Afro-American Studies, and Women’s and Gender Studies, Brandeis University

Nagmeh Sohrabi – Assistant Professor of Middle East History, Brandeis University

Ibrahim Sundiata – Professor Emeritus of History and African and Afro-American Studies, Brandeis University

Bernard Yack – Lerman Neubauer Professor of Democracy and Public Policy, Brandeis University

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