Off the beaten path In Boston/Cambridge

Boston is one of America’s greatest cities. With its European-styled architecture, ability for its residents to walk anywhere, and its rich history, it’s nearly impossible not to love. I moved to the Boston area about three years ago for college, and I can’t say I’ve never been to a Red Sox game, strolled through the Boston Public Garden, or took a photo of the Boston Marathon finish line. However, in my two and a half years here, I’ve found countless ways to have fun in Boston without quacking at people on a duck boat.

My first few examples are for people who love to dance. Boston has a really great dance scene. Whether you like to dance swing, salsa, or bachata, Boston has your fix, along with many other dances. If you like to dance swing, then you should try out Boston Swing Central in Alewife. This dance social is located in 26 New St Cambridge in the Extreme Dance Sport dance studio which shares a building with an Iranian restaurant. Stepping inside, you’ll immediately see people of all ages lindy hopping around and eager to teach you how to join them.

If you are interested in Latin dancing, Havana Club is your best bet. They offer bachata Mondays, and salsa and bachata Fridays and Saturdays. Havana Club rents a massive dancefloor from the Greek American Political Club, which is a brick building on a side road off of Central Square. The only evidence of amazing Latin dance nights is a small sign reading “Havana Club” that they leave outside in front of the door. Immediately when you open the door you’ll go up three flights of stairs hearing the sounds of the Spanish percussion getting louder and louder as you go up the stairs. Then when you open the door you’ll hear salsa or bachata music blasting and dancers of all levels shimmying and gliding across the floor under the pink and purple lights illuminating the room. For only five dollars on Monday and twelve dollars on the weekend, you can dance with some of the best dancers around New England and you’ll won’t be able to wait for the next week.

One of my favorite things to do other than dance is find great deals. Boomerang’s is a great thrift store in the middle of Central Square in Cambridge. I never go in without finding a number of great finds. There are 50% off and one dollar sales on select apparel every single day on awesome clothing items. They also have a fantastic selection of shoes, furniture, mugs, and more. As if this store could not get any better, all proceeds directly support AIDS Action’s work. So not only are you shopping for yourself, you are always benefiting work to decrease HIV/AIDS infections.

From Boomerang’s, you can walk across the Mass Ave bridge to Boston while looking at a beautiful view of the Boston skyline. There are many cafes in Boston, but one of the coolest ones is Farmers Horse Coffee. On the outside it looks like a café that businessmen would stop by for a lunch break. However, when you step inside you are greeted by colorful graffiti-filled walls and wooden tables with drawings left by from previous customers. The staff is friendly and quick to give you your order.

Boston has something for everyone. No matter who you are, you won’t be able to have anything less than a great time in Boston. Start checking out flights to Boston now using Canada’s largest travel website, FlightNetwork!

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