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Hi! I’m Ryan and this is my blog for Multimedia Storytelling.  I’m a sophomore here at Brandeis.  I write for the News section of the Brandeis Hoot and have joined this class in order to get a better understanding of all the different parts of what goes into the news and reporting.  I am interested in learning a new skill set which I can apply to my experience in Journalism.

For the most part my interests in Journalism are mostly in news writing. I think it is important that the news is reported properly as it informs the citizens and wrong or misleading information can mislead citizens.  Outside of news writing, though, I have interests in soccer, swimming, and the arts.  Therefore, I might at times move my journalistic interests towards sports or the arts.

My main idea for an on-campus story right now is the castle.  I know that the castle is going to be taken down soon but I feel that there are still a lot of questions surrounding the process of how this going to be done and where students will be moved.  I also, though, have been thinking about the event that took place last year, Ford Hall 2015.  This is probably a more interesting thing to think about, in terms of multimedia, as there is more visible action to be captured happening in this than in the castle.  I expect there will be continued rallies and events after last years Ford Hall 2015 sit-in and I am interested to see how things will advance.


As for an off-campus story, I am really interested in exploring climate change and the effects on the local area.  I come from rural Vermont where everything is pretty green so being in and around a city as big as Boston is often a surprise and I feel that I often recognize things (such as litter or visible pollution) which others may not.  I often wonder what kind of effects the city has on the local environment and what can be done to protect the environment.

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