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My two main ideas for this video project are to do a short piece on a play happening on campus or the Brandeis Football Club.

One of my friends is very involved with theater on campus.  I think he is directing a play this semester. Therefore I think I might ask him if I can attend some rehearsals or if he could put me in contact with other people who are in charge of plays on campus.  I would interview him or these people about how the play is going, artistic choices the director makes, and more.  I could draw out a story about how a play is made and specifically about how important directors decisions are made.

Another thing I might do is do my project on Brandeis Football (Soccer) Club (BFC). BFC is the Brandeis club soccer team and has an interesting position on campus because of the school rule which does not allow club sports for sports which are also varsity sports.  Therefore BFC is classified as a club rather than a club sport, causing them to have low priority on field time as well as less access to school funding.  I would talk to the coaches and captains of the team about how the are working to resolve this problem, why they think club sports are important, and how the current rules limit them.  I would take video of them at practice.

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  1. Hi Ryan, your first pitch needs more detail. Please find out which show your friend is directing and do a bit of research about it so that you can ask him some specific questions. What is the theme of the show, what is the origin of your friend’s interest in it, what sort of challenges does the mounting of a production of it pose? Before you go too deeply into this topic, be sure that you’ll be able to shoot rehearsals/performances.

    You’ve identified an intriguing angle for your second story. In your pitch (and in your piece), can you explain the differences between varsity sports, club sports, and plain old clubs? Perhaps you could even contrast one example from all three categories in your piece. How do the team dynamics, recreational attitudes, and levels of competition/athleticism, differ among all three levels? What do teams at each level look like out on the field?

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