Looking back at the projects that I have done so far this semester, I think it would be difficult to continue either of them.  Especially the first project, which was to me the more interesting of my two projects, is pretty much impossible to continue as I interviewed a performer who was on campus for just one day and likely isn’t coming back.  I think, therefore, that I will be doing my project on something new.

Recently, I was invited to like a facebook page for a band called Odd Bodies.  This is a Brandeis based band and, as it turns out, I know at least one of the members of the band.  I have reached out to them to see if they would be willing to be involved in the project and, although they have not yet replied to me, I am hoping that they will get back to me shortly.

For this project I would be able to shoot video interviews of the different band members and likely discover the stories of (a) how they became a band and (b) how each member learned their instrument and is involved with the creative process (they write their own songs).  The video and photos would likely be a combination of both the band performing or practicing as a whole as well as band members in individual practice or interview settings.

Should they reply and tell me that I they would not be willing to participate I would return to my volleyball project.  I have a considerable amount of B-roll and video already.  As their season is drawing to a close at the end of the semester, though, I doubt their practices will continue past next week, this is certainly not ideal.  I think I’d be way more capable of working with Odd Bodies than the Brandeis Club Volleyball Team, however I’m trying to keep my options open at this time.