Finding novel antibiotics in dirt using unculturable bacteria

Sean Brady from The Rockefeller University will be visiting campus to lecture on Culture Independent Approaches for the Discovery of New Bacterial Metabolites as part of the Joint Biology/Biochemistry Colloquium Series, Wednesday, Oct 13, at 4:00 pm in Gestenzang 121.

Sean’s research centers on the discovery, biosynthesis and characterization of new, genetically encoded small molecules from microbial sources, with a special focus on soil bacteria and pathogenic bacteria. One area of particular interest is the development of methods to access new biologically active small molecules from bacteria that cannot be grown in culture. Soil bacteria that can’t yet be cultured outnumber those that have been by orders of magnitude, and provide a huge pool of genetic diversity that can be searched for novel useful natural products.

Sean is a Howard Hughes Medical Institute Early Career Scientist. He was named a Searle Scholar, an Irma T. Hirschl Scholar, an Alexandrine and Alexander L. Sinsheimer Scholar and an Arnold and Mabel Beckman Young Investigator.

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