Lecture Series in Parallel Computing and CUDA-C

A new lecture series in practical aspects of Parallel Computing and CUDA-C will kick off on Tuesday, February 22nd. The series will run twice weekly, on Tuesdays and Fridays from 2:30-3:30 pm in Bassine 251, for a total of 12 lectures over six weeks. Lectures will be given by Gianluca Castellani, Ph.D. Research Computing Specialist and HPC Cluster Administrator (Volen Center, LTS, and Physics) and Francesco Pontiggia, Ph. D., Postdoctoral Fellow, (Volen Center and Biochemistry). The series is jointly sponsored by the Volen Center, MRSEC, Physics Dept., and Library and Technology Services.

Tentative Schdule

Lecture 1 :  Why Parallel Programming? Parallel Architectures and Programming Models.
Lecture 2 :  Parallelization Techniques
Lectures 3 – 4 : Programming in a Shared Memory Environment — Introduction to OpenMP
Lecture 5 : CUDA-C fundamentals. Compiler, kernels, host-device data transfer
Lecture 6 : Time execution tuning, catching error and hardware evaluation
Lectures 7 – 8 : GPU memory types
Lectures 9 – 11 : Distributed Memory — MPI Paradigm
Lecture 12 : Using High Performance Parallel Libraries : An Example — Parallel Matrix Inversion.

Notes and Examples will be posted on the HPCC Wiki

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