New course in Cell Biology

The Department of Biology will offer a new course in Advanced Cell Biology (BIOL 100b) in Spring semester, 2012. The course is scheduled for Block D (MWTh 11:00-11:50a) and will be taught by Assistant Professor of Biology Satoshi Yoshida.

Yeast cytoskeletonThis is an advanced course on mechanisms of cellular functions, open to graduate students and advanced undergraduates with a strong interest in cell biology.

The class will use both textbooks and original literature,  and will cover broad topics in the field of cell biology. It will discuss why and how misregulation of cell function leads to diseases such as cancer and ageing. The goal of the course is not to simply provide a broad knowledge of cell biology, but also to learn how experiments were designed to test specific hypothesis and to learn how scientists interpret the data to make a model.

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