The Third Annual Scientific Video Contest is being offered by MRSEC

MRSEC logoThe Third Annual Scientific Video Contest has arrived! Use your videography skills to share MRSEC-related findings with the world and possibly win a great prize. Create a 90-second video that showcases MRSEC-related research — you can make animations, narrate slides, or even act out your research.

Winning videos will be:

  • under 90 seconds;
  • accessible to non-specialists; and
  • convey the significance of Brandeis-MRSEC research

Displaying the Brandeis MRSEC logo and describing how a specific research project or question is improved by being included in a center grant will make for a truly great video.

All videos will be linked to/associated with the BrandeisMRSEC YouTube account (playlist!). If you include images/songs/videos developed by someone else, please make sure that is permissible. Some helpful tips:

Here are the details:

Online Application:
Deadline: Submissions will be accepted until Monday, July 8th, 2019. Winners will be announced mid July.

Who can enter?

Any Brandeis-affliated undergraduate, graduate student, post-doc, staff or faculty person is eligible to enter and make a video about Brandeis-MRSEC research. You do not need to be a MRSEC member to win.


The top three videographers will receive prizes:

  • 1st place: a MacBook Air (or PC equivalent)
  • 2nd place: an iPad (or PC equivalent)
  • 3rd place: a Wacom graphics tablet

Need inspiration?


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