What and Why

This blog is designed to provide brief news and events information related to departments in the Division of Science at Brandeis University. If you have stories to tell, please send information to Steven <karel at>, or become a contributor yourself.

If you are from Brandeis, please help us maintain this blog. We are looking for

  • interesting bits of news about science relevant to people here
  • deadlines and business items relevant to people here

and most especially

  • news about science being done here

Telling the story about your science

Please write for a wide, non-specialized audience of scientists saying what’s new and cool about your most recent publication. Include the following:

  • a title
  • 1-4 paragraphs of text
  • (optional) 1 or 2 graphics with (optional) captions
  • links (URLs) to the paper, background material, lab webpages, etc.

Telling other stories

Send whatever information needs sending. Video, audio, pictures, text, whatever…

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