Turrigiano elected to NAS

Professor of Biology Gina Turrigiano has been elected to the National Academy of Sciences this month. Turrigiano, a neuroscientist, is interested in synaptic scaling and remodeling, and in the tension between plasticity and stability in neurons during learning and development.

For more information, see the story at Brandeis NOW or the Turrigiano lab website.

Herzfeld elected Mass Acad Sci Fellow

Judith HerzfeldJudith Herzfeld, Professor of Biophysical Chemistry at Brandeis University, has been elected as a 2013 Fellow of the Massachusetts Academy of Sciences. Herzfeld will join Brandeis professors Carolyn Cohen, Irving Epstein, Jeffrey Hall, and Eve Marder as Fellows of this academy. Herzfeld’s lab at Brandeis has solid-state NMR and the development of force fields for molecular simulations as its most recent foci of research. Professor Herzfeld also has a longstanding involvement in developing new methods for teaching chemistry.

Epstein named Massachusetts Academy of Sciences Fellow

Professor of Chemistry Irving Epstein has been named a Fellow of the Massachusetts Academy of Sciences. Epstein joins Brandeis Professors Emeritus Carolyn Cohen and Jeff Hall, as well as Professor of Biology Eve Marder, as fellows of this academy.

The Massachusetts Academy works to promote public understanding and appreciation of the sciences, to support scientific research and education in areas relevant to the needs of the state, and to provide consultative or advisory services on matters of science to the Governor, and to local, state, and federal agencies. Epstein is an expert on dynamical systems, with a current focus on theory and experiment in oscillatory and pattern-forming chemical reactions. Epstein has also been enormously influential in the development of science education and research since coming to Brandeis. Epstein has served Brandeis among other roles as Provost, and recently has been the driving force behind the Brandeis Science Posse.

See also story at BrandeisNOW.

American Academy of Arts & Sciences elects Turrigiano, Luo and Berger.

The American Academy of Arts & Sciences recently announced its 2012 class of Fellows, including 3 current and former Brandeis scientists.

Professor of Biology Gina Turrigiano and graduate alumnus Liqun Luo (PhD ’92, Biology) were elected in the Neurosciences, Cognitive Sciences, and Behavioral Biology section. Undergraduate alumna Bonnie Berger ’83 was elected in the Mathematics section.

Turrigiano’s lab works on the plasticity of synaptic and intrinsic properties of cortical neurons and circuits. Turrigiano has been previously honored with a MacArthur Fellowship and with the Human Frontier Science Program Nakasone Award for “frontier-moving research in biology“. Luo, who did his graduate research with Kalpana White at Brandies,  is now Professor of Biology at Stanford University and an HHMI Investigator. His lab studies how neural circuits are organized and assembled during development. Berger discovered her interest and talent for math as an undergraduate at Brandeis, graduating with a degree in computer science. She obtained her PhD at MiT, where she is now Professor of Applied Mathematics and head of the Computation and Biology group at the MIT Computer Science and Artificial Intelligence Laboratory (CSAIL). Berger has continued to support Brandeis through her active membership in the Brandeis University Science Advisory Council.

The American Academy of Arts & Sciences elects leaders in the academic disciplines, the arts, business, and public affairs. Among the others elected this year are Mel Brooks, Clint Eastwood, Frederica von Stade, Melinda Gates and Hilary Clinton.

See also Brandeis NOW.

UPDATE (5/1/2012): Liqun Luo was elected to the National Academy of Sciences this year.

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