Enjoying the view

A visitor checks out the view from the top of the new Shapiro Science building. Learn more about the species sharing the suburban environment with us from the Electronic Field Guides assembled by Dan Perlman’s Field Biology classes.

Hawk perched on the top floor balcony, Shapiro Science building

Photo courtesy of Sarah Biber

Darwin was a field biologist

ant and treehopper (photo by Dan Perlman)

ant and treehopper (photo by Dan Perlman)

Ok, most Brandeis students don’t get to sail around the world in a wooden boat. On the other hand, over the last several years, Dan Perlman‘s Field Biology classes have produced some very nice field guides about Brandeis and its environs. In honor of Darwin’s birthday, we present:

Field Biology Electronic Field Guides

Categories include: Animals; Trees; Edible, Medicinal, and Useful Plants; Wildflowers; Fungi; Galls

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