Food innovations at Brandeis: Carrot fiber proves more effective in control of blood glucose levels

This is the second in a series of posts highlighting food science discoveries at Brandeis. These functional innovations help lower cholesterol, find novel uses for antioxidants and healthy fats and develop process improvements.

Carrot pomace - Adobe Stock imageCarrot pomace powder (CPP) is currently a dried “waste” material generated during the production of carrot juice, but Brandeis inventors Daniel Perlman and K.C. Hayes have discovered that CPP may represent a dietary breakthrough. When carrot pomace powder is isolated using the proprietary process developed by Perlman and Hayes, it becomes highly enriched in both soluble and insoluble fibers while maintaining a low sugar-to-fiber ratio. This means that carrot pomace powder is an excellent new fiber product that can be adapted for commercial food production. Food manufacturers can use it to reduce blood glucose, cholesterol and triglyceride levels, while having a major positive impact on the gut bacterial flora.

This patent pending process is significant given that the market for dietary fibers in foods and beverages is expected to reach $6.5 billion by 2022.

Read more about carrot fiber, the Brandeis Office of Technology and Licensing and the research behind this discovery.

Why partiallly hydrogenated vegetable oil had to go

notransfatKC Hayes, Professor Emeritus of Biology, recently talked to Brandeis NOW about new guidelines on partially hydrogenated vegetable oils (trans fats) and statin drugs.

Brandeis NOW: You’ve been a long-time advocate for banning hydrogenated oils. How do you feel now that it is finally happening?

Hayes: It’s about time. We’ve known about the negative effects of transfat since the early 1990s — some would argue even sooner — so it’s really 20 years late.


Hayes continues to do research with his lab at Brandeis, seeking to understand the role of diet and nutritional supplements in diseases such as atherosclerosis and diabetes, often using the diabetes-prone nile rat as a model. A couple of their recent publications:

Have a Jolly Time with Smart Balance

According to a story in the Sioux City Journal , the makers of Jolly Time Pop Corn are releasing new varieties made with Smart Balance, a butter substitute using technology patented at Brandeis. The blend of oils, based on research from KC Hayes’s lab in Biology, is “heart-healthy” by virtue of containing a blend of polyunsaturated, monounsaturated and saturated fats designed to improve the HDL/LDL cholesterol ratio.

KC Hayes, obesity, and the Asian Food Network

BrandeisNOW has a new story about Professor KC Hayes, the Asian Food Network, the worldwide trend to greater obesity, and what should and shouldn’t be in your diet.

Fat Nile Rats

The Summer 2011 issue (“food issue”) of Brandeis Magazine is out. Several Brandeis scientists feature in the magazine. In “Fat Rats Shed Light on Diabetes”, Penny Schwartz discusses Professor of Biology K.C. Hayes and his research into diabetes and Metabolic Syndrome using a new animal model (the Nile rat). Nutritional advice, recipes and more can be found in the online version.

BIOL 99 AND NEUR 99 Senior Honors Talks

Senior honors presentations and defenses for Biology and Neuroscience are this week and next Monday.

Name      Faculty Sponsor & Committee  Time & Location of Talk

Biol 99

Alicia Bach Dagmar Ringe, Neil Simister, Liz Hedstrom May 10   3 pm    Bassine 251
Kristin Little Bruce Goode, Joan Press, Satoshi Yoshida May 6    10 am    Bassine 251
Spencer Rittner KC Hayes, Carolyn Cohen, Larry Wangh May 6    3 pm      Bassine 251
Danielle Saly Michael Rosbash, Mike Marr, Nelson Lau May 10   11 am   Bassine 251
Sue Yen Tay Jim Haber, Sue Lovett, Joan Press  May 7    11am     Bassine 251
Alan Tso Daniela Nicastro, Liz Hedstrom, Greg Petsko May 10   2 pm    Bassine 251
Hannah Worchel Jim Morris, Ruibao Ren, Paul Garrity   May 6    2 pm     Bassine 251

Neur 99
Sarah Pease Sue Paradis, Gina Turrigiano, Paul Miller  May 10   11 am   Volen 201
Solon Schur John Lisman, Eve Marder, Paul Miller May 6    10 am   Volen 201
Alexander Trott Leslie Griffith, Piali Sengupa, Melissa Kosinski-Collins May 6    11 am   Volen 201
Dylan Wolman Sue Paradis, Sacha Nelson, Piali Sengupta May 10   1 pm    Volen 201

Faculty research mentor (emphasized) is chair of the committee.

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