Have a Jolly Time with Smart Balance

According to a story in the Sioux City Journal , the makers of Jolly Time Pop Corn are releasing new varieties made with Smart Balance, a butter substitute using technology patented at Brandeis. The blend of oils, based on research from KC Hayes’s lab in Biology, is “heart-healthy” by virtue of containing a blend of polyunsaturated, monounsaturated and saturated fats designed to improve the HDL/LDL cholesterol ratio.

Brandeis patents

i was searching around for patents today. Reminds me that I ought to post some links about patents somewhere.

You can search for US patents at the US Patent and Trademark Office website. For example, this search will get you patents assigned to Brandeis.

Patents at Brandeis are handled by the Office of Technology Licensing – contact them if you work here and invent something cool. A bunch of life science faculty are on their Inventor Profiles page. Technology available for licensing from Brandeis is also described on their site.

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