Med School and Grad School in the Lone Star State

Wensink lab alum Mien-Chie Hung (PhD ’84), who is currently Ruth Legett Jones Distinguished Chair at  The University of Texas MD Anderson Cancer Center, will give seminar on Monday, Dec 3 at noon in Rosenstiel 118 on “Novel signaling pathways in cancer cells and their crosstalk to predict resistance for target therapy“.  He will also meet with interested students on Monday Dec. 3 in the Alumni Lounge in Usdan at 7 PM; there will be pizza.   He will talk with undergrads, prospective grad and med students about medical schools and graduate schools in Texas Medical Center including MD Anderson, UT Health Science Center and Baylor.

Wolman ’10 named HHMI Medical Research Fellow

Dylan Wolman ’10 talks about the merits of taking a year out of medical school to do intense lab research at the Howard Hughes Medical Institute’s Janelia Farm Research Campus as part of the HHMI Medical Research Fellows Program in a story on the HHMI News website. Wolman explains

“A year of research provides an avenue to practice what should be an essential skill in any scientific field: questioning ‘why.’ “

While at Brandeis, Wolman, a Bio/Neuro double major, did undergraduate research in the Paradis lab. His thesis on “Involvement of USP12 and USP46 ubiquitin proteases in synaptic glutamate receptor accumulation” earned him high honors in Neuroscience. Wolman is currently a medical student at Tufts University School of Medicine.


In local news: translating Chinese, pre-meds at Brandeis, experiential learning

While the editor of this blog has been busy with other tasks, several new stories about Science at Brandeis have appeared at Brandeis NOW, the main campus news site:

The Pulse – Brandeis University’s Pre-Health Journal

The Pulse is the Brandeis Pre-Health Society’s journal, written by students about their experiences in science, research, health policy, health care, health policy, and other fields relating to medicine and science. Students collaborate on this publication by contributing articles from personal experiences and together edit and format the journal to be published and distributed around campus.

The goal of The Pulse is to provide Brandeis pre-health and science undergraduates with the opportunity to write about and share experiences, be published in a university-wide distributed journal, and learn about opportunities that fellow undergraduates have had. The array of articles included in the journal vary from scientific research abstracts to reviews of internship programs to anthropological work in medicine. The diverse scope of topics and writing styles allows The Pulse to give readers a comprehensive insight into the interests, activities, and experiences of science and health undergraduate students at Brandeis.

A past issue of The Pulse from Spring 2011 is available online. Feel free to use this link to browse through the issue and learn more about the publication.

For more information about The Pulse, or to find out how to get involved, contact the co-editors: Sarah Azarchi and Amanda Winn

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