SCRAM is more than art rentals and Rose tours

This is the first installment of blog posts written by SCRAM members about various topics and events at the Rose, including artwork reviews.

Some people on campus know us as “those kids who throw that giant rager at the Rose every year.” Well, we are, but the SCRAM students do a lot more than just that.

We are SCRAM, the Student Committee for the Rose Art Museum. We are a volunteer group of undergraduates who work with the Rose staff to bring museum-related events to the Brandeis community. Funded by the generous contributions of the late managing director at Prospect Venture Partners, Alex Barkas ’68 and his wife, Lynda Wijcik, the club’s mission is to strengthen the relationship between the Rose and Brandeis students.

To do this, we organize events to introduce and familiarize undergraduates to the Rose who may otherwise be unfamiliar with it. We are most well known for SCRAM Jam, a dance held after-hours in the galleries with music, free food and drinks and other fun activities. SCRAM works with museum staff to spread the word about the museum’s cutting-edge exhibitions andunrivalled collection of modern and contemporary art in New England. This is done through artist’s lectures, gallery talks by Brandeis professors and student-led tours. In the past two years, we have brought yoga sessions, a spring concert by Dan Deacon of Animal Collective and film screenings to the Rose community and the student body.

We are also responsible for helping the museum distribute the Student Loan Collection, which happened just last week. This collection, begun in 1956 by Charna Stone Cowan and later expanded by Boston gallery owner Mildred Lee, is a compilation of over 500 pieces by the likes of Jasper Johns, Robert Rauschenberg and Man Ray that Brandeis students can rent for their own rooms for a small fee. By doing this, the Rose hopes to establish a deeper connection with the Brandeis community.

We want visitors to feel the same way we do when we walk into the Rose: excited, happy and inspired. This semester there are three exhibitions on view—”Dor Guez: 100 Steps to the Mediterranean,” a solo exhibition of photography and video installations by Palestinian-Christian artist Dor Guez; “Art at the Origin: The Early Sixties,” an exhibition exploring the museum’s formative period by displaying paintings, sculptures and prints created from 1961-1966; and “Bruce Conner: EVE RAY FOREVER” (1965/2006), a stroboscopic film triptych created for artist Bruce Conner’s 1965 exhibition at the Rose. With all of these activities, we give undergraduates the opportunity to come to the Rose and experience art firsthand. We love visitors at the Rose—have fun and learn something with us!

-Zoe Messinger ’13, Committee Member
This blog post appeared in The Justice on November 13, 2012.

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