MFA After Dark

Museums are entirely different when filled with hundreds of New England college students. With over 52 colleges in just the greater Boston area alone, there are a copious number of students interested in the arts, and yesterday’s event “MFA (Museum of Fine Arts) After Dark” brought them all together. Beginning at 7 o’clock, music, a photo booth, free gelato, and of course spectacular art were all available to these students.


I arrived while the event was in full swing, and was greeted by a line snaking its way around the right side of the museum. Given the time of year, some students were in full costume, ranging from cowboys and ghosts to black cats in platforms and stilettos. All seemed eager to make it inside where the warmth of art and atmosphere awaited. This being my first visit to the MFA, I was struck by the magnitude and variation of the collection as well as the museum’s actual architectural presence. Stimulated simultaneously by the size of the space, the proximity of such fine art, as well as the loud indie music and colorful attire, I found myself feeling hyper-aware that this was the largest number of young people I have ever seen in a museum. Among all of the exciting components of the “MFA After Dark” event, I think that this realization filled me with the most happiness. Seeing people my own age interact with, appreciate, and experience fine art is a rarity, and I think this rings true for other young museum and art enthusiasts. The museum experience is a privilege that is deeply underrated, and to see this student version of a museum experience was most fulfilling and hopeful. I returned to Brandeis with a sense of rejuvenation and excitement surrounding my generation and its capability to appreciate the fine works that are nearly at our fingertips.

By Risa Dunbar

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