According to USA Today’s “College Factual” report, Brandeis University’s Sociology program ranks #6 out of over 500 sociology departments in the US. Other schools that made the list include Princeton, Columbia, Chicago, Stanford, and UPenn. Ranking methodology  consisted of 10 different factors including former graduates’ career salaries, the percentage of current students in the major, the departments’ relation to other majors offered within the institution, and overall quality of the university.

Sociology, the study of social behavior, can lead to a wide range career options in the nonprofit sector, business, education, human services, health care policy, law, and communications. To fully understand human social behavior and how to go about creating social change, it is important to gain a well rounded perspective.

Why not consider one of the following sociology courses being offered this summer?

  • Sociology of Work and Gender
  • Sociology of Religion
  • Families and Kinship
  • Protest, Politics and Change: Social Movements
  • Health, Community, and Society