While we are planning our Summer School program for 2014, Brandeis is bustling with activity. Here are a few highlight articles from around campus, enjoy!

summer school 2014 November news update


Brandeis Bridges

Beginning this semester, the Brandeis Bridges program offers 10 students the opportunity to identify and share the similarities of being either Black or Jewish, rather than differences. These students will travel to Israel together in early January and, through that shared experience, make discoveries about themselves and others that will shape their interactions with diversity throughout the rest of their lives.

Students practicing in the program will share their findings with the peers when they return, continuing to educate themselves and others with their newly formed knowledge.

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New Korean language course, Korean 10A

Brandeis also offers students the opportunity to learn another language this semester with the introduction of the first Korean language course, Korean 10A. An interest in Korean language and culture, partially brought about from the rise of pop-singer Psy in conjunction with the student formed BKCLI (Brandeis Korean Course and Language Initiative), paved the road to access funding for a full-time hire. Graduate student Sung-Chul Hong is teaching Korean 10A. Whether or not the program will grow from the beginner language course is yet to be determined, but for the students enrolled, the opportunity is a stepping-stone for their future.

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Summer School Email Notifications

Summer School may not be top of mind right now with the holidays approaching, but remember, Summer School is great time to experience something new. Whether its making new friends, exploring new lands, or learning another language there are countless opportunities to grow at Brandeis. Don’t forget to sign up for key date reminders for Summer 2014 here.


Hoot Impressions

Perhaps you’re not interested in exploring lands and languages outside of New England, but are curious about other Brandeis students. The Brandeis Hoot, the University’s Community Newspaper, offers readers an impression of the thoughts and advice shared by the student community, in the section aptly titled, “Impressions.”

Recently Eliana Sinoff shared her thoughts on how best to get your voice heard when working with others on projects or in clubs, while Michael Wang encouraged others to explore the city of Boston for themselves to discover what it has to offer. Perspectives on live music, campus food service, and sorority life are also shared by students who look to offer their insight to the larger Brandeis community. Reading “Impressions” offers you the opportunity to learn something new without leaving your computer.

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