immersion credits summer 2014Looking to make the most of your summer learning experience? The Justice Brandeis Semester is a full-bodied summer dive into a topic area that will not only earn you credit but also reshape the way you think about getting an education.

JBS is an engaging, immersive academic program in which small groups of students explore a thematic topic through inquiry-based courses linked to real-world experiential opportunities.

JBS internships, field-based research, creative work or community-engaged learning allow students to:

  • gain real-world experience through experiential learning.
  • build close relationships with professors and small groups of students.
  • acquire skills that will make them stand apart from their peers after Brandeis.

Application Information

JBS applications are now available!  Click here to access the program applications.


American Democracy: Version 2.0
12 credits, Professor Dan Kryder

Architectural Design Studies
12 credits, Professor Christopher Abrams

Brand Marketing and Communications
12 credits, Professor Grace Zimmerman

Breaking Boundaries: Immigration and Education
12 credits, Professor Mitra Shavarini and Professor Kristen Lucken

Civil Rights and Educational Equity in the U.S.
12 credits, Professor David Cunningham

Exploring the Past, Impacting the Future: Archaeological Fieldschool
12 credits, Professor Donald Slater and Professor Javier Urcid

Food, Lifestyle and Health
12 credits, Professor Elaine Lai and Professor Lindsay Rosenfeld

Health, Law and Justice
12 credits, Professor Sarah Curi and Professor Alice Noble

Real Estate Development and Investment
12 credits, Professor Edward Chazen

Understanding the American Jewish Community
12 credits, Prof. Len Saxe and Prof. Amy Sales

Voice, Web and Mobile Applications
12 credits, Professor Timothy Hickey and Professor Marie Meteer