brandeis eatsThis month’s Boston Magazine features the city’s best cheap eats and many of them happen to be a stone’s throw from Brandeis! From an amazing egg sandwich to five star tacos, these once hidden gems are now front page news.

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This month’s cover shows a steaming breakfast sandwich found at Moody’s Delicatessen & Provisions on none other than Moody St in Waltham. One look at that melty cheese, smoking bun, and thick cut might make you consider setting your alarm clock an hour early to get there right at 7am. However, the $5.50 price tag is what will actually makes you do it. While you’re there, check out everything the deli has to offer, and you may just consider a return trip for lunch. Moody’s yelp page boasts rave reviews of their Bahn Mi along with their pastrami sandwich named “the Katz.” At Moody’s you’ll definitely get your money’s worth. Even though the sandwiches are in the range of $10-$12, once you experience the quality, the value is undeniable.

If a sandwich value doesn’t get you off the couch, perhaps the tacos found at Taqueria El Amigo on Willow St in Waltham will. This incredibly tiny restaurant will earn a giant sized place in your heart if you’re craving tacos el pastor or some mighty tasty salsa. They actually import the sodas from Mexico, so say adios to high fructose corn syrup and bienvenidos to sugar in that Coca-Cola…delivered to your table in a vintage glass bottle. The cheap eats section begins with a photo of their now famous tacos, but Boston Magazine wants you to try the lengua taco. Perhaps you should head over and sample a few varieties, then decide for yourself. Just make sure to bring cash; no credit cards are accepted. This place has been a long-time favorite of Brandeis students looking for good food near campus. Check out their yelp page with 4.5 stars after 199 reviews.

There are tons of  other options in not so distant locations, but when you feel the need to head downtown to sample some amazing fare, remember there are a few renowned local joints, not too far from campus that might just satisfy your cravings!