Brandeis summer school offers great courses that fulfill General University Requirements. Current undergraduate students can check progress with completing the core curriculum requirements by logging into SAGE.

Here are some of the 2015 summer course offerings that can be used to satisfy core requirements:

Creative Arts
FA 9a, FA 30b, FA 10a, MUS 35a, MUS 36a, MUS 55a,
THA 15b, THA 15b, THA 71a, THA 130a.

Foreign Language
HISP 32a, HISP 104b.

AMST 116b, ENG 21a, ENG 49a, ENG 79a, ENG 177a,
ENG 180a, HISP 104b, NEJS 135a.

Non-Western and Comparative
HIST 56b.

Oral Communication
THA 15b, THA 15b.

Quantitative Reasoning
BIOL 14a, CHEM 11a, CHEM 11a, CHEM 11b, ECON 10a,
ECON 83a, MATH 8a, PHYS 10a, PHYS 10b, PSYC 51a,
PSYC 52a, PSYC 140a.

ANTH 116a, BIOL 14a, BIOL 15b, BIOL 51a, BIOL 101a,
CHEM 11a, CHEM 11a, CHEM 11b, CHEM 25a, CHEM 25b,
COSI 11a, COSI 21a, MATH 8a, MATH 10a, MATH 10b,
MATH 15a, PHYS 10a, PHYS 10b.

Social Science
ANTH 5a, ANTH 7a, ANTH 116a, ECON 10a, ECON 20a, ECON
28b, ECON 80a, ECON 82b, ECON 83a, ECON 171a, HIST 50b,
HIST 56b, IGS 10a, LGLS 116b, POL 167a, PSYC 2a,
PSYC 10a, PSYC 51a, PSYC 52a, PSYC 140a, SOC 117a, SOC
129a, SOC 130a, SOC 155b, SOC 191a.

Physical Education
THA 130a.

Writing Intensive
ENG 49a, ENG 79a, PSYC 52a, SOC 129a, THA 71a.