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Congratulations 2015 Graduates! Get Ready for Summer

The 2014-2015 academic year came to an end after the university’s 64th commencement ceremony yesterday. Over the course of their time here, many of the 2015 graduates took advantage of summer course offerings to help meet their academic goals. In recent posts we saw how a few of the new graduates including Sara Hazelnis and Adam Mandel used Brandeis University’s summer school to get ahead.








We are very proud of the accomplishments of these students and all of the students who graduated in the class of 2015! Best wishes toward a bright future!

With summer session happening soon, we hope to see new and returning students take full advantage of great opportunities available. Learn more about the unique hands on learning opportunities  and courses that meet university requirements in areas that have more limited options during the academic year like the Non-Western and Comparative Studies requirement.

If you haven’t done so already, be sure to ENROLL NOW! Online enrollment ends this week!


The Benefits of the Brandeis Summer Program

Summer registration is just around the corner, making this weekend the perfect time to think about enrolling in the Summer Program at Brandeis University.  The unique programs that our University has this summer will gladly facilitate the learning experience of your undergraduate career.

Some of you may believe that Summer School is attached with the negative stigma that it had in the 90’s, along with detention and demerits.  This is one of the greatest misconceptions of the Summer Program.  In fact, those who enroll in summer courses are of the most proactive students at this campus.  In order to redesign the phrase “Brandeis Summer School,” I would strongly advise you to read the following:

Major(s)/Minor(s) – As Brandeisian students, we know many individuals who have decided to declare everything more than the single major that we are all required to have.  Since Brandeis students typically have only 7 or 8 semesters at the University, sometimes it is difficult to find the time to take all of the requirements for the various majors and/or minors.  These students should be strongly encouraged by an advisor, parent, or even a peer to enroll in summer courses. 

Midyears – Even though Brandeis makes the Midyear transition extremely easy and manageable for all of these students to graduate with the rest of their class, it could be helpful for a student who arrived as a Midyear to enroll in a summer course or two.  There is no reason why anyone should have anxiety over the number of credits that he or she has. 

Internship Opportunities – There are countless majors and minors that require some sort of internship along with the rest of the required courses.  If you are like me, then it is difficult to imagine putting in an additional 10 hours every week for an internship on top of all of your classes.  Every summer there are different internship opportunities available.  If you know that your major or minor requires some sort of internship, keep posted on the summer course announcements.

Going Abroad – Going abroad is a right of passage that many students choose to take in their college  years.  Although it is not necessarily for everyone, there are some concerns for those who are on the fence.  One of the largest reasons that I believe students do not go abroad is because of academic requirements that need to be finished on the home front.  That being said, the Summer Program is the perfect place to knock a few courses out of the way.  This will free up your schedule and allow you to take interesting courses abroad that are not available here at Brandeis.

Graduating Early – Attention, eager beavers that want to get into the “real” world as quickly as possible, Summer School can, yet again, be used to your advantage.  By taking a few summer courses and maybe one or two extra courses over your years at Brandeis, you will be able to receive enough credits to graduate early!

University Requirements – In order maintain the liberal nature that Brandeis has come to be, we are required to take many courses outside what we are comfortable with an expand our academic horizons.  That being said, sometimes certain University Requirements escape out from under us and are found to be offered during inconvenient times (schedule conflicts, early in the morning, etc.).  In order to receive the proper credits for these courses, Brandeis University allows you to enroll in courses that satisfy many, if not all, of the University Requirements.

Location, Location, Location!! – Last, but not least, we have one of the most positive reasons to be at Brandeis University over the summer, which is being at Brandeis University over the summer.  With incredible weather and its close proximity to Boston, there are countless things to do to enjoy yourself over the summer weeks.

Rose Art Museum re-opens

The Rose Art Museum reopened last night with a celebration of its 50th anniversary and recent renovation.  The Rose celebrated its reopening with three new exhibits.

Find the full story at:

Summer PSYC 52a Project Poster Session


PSYC 52A: Research Methods and Laboratory in Psychology with Professor James Cressey Will be hosting their Student Poster Session:

Thursday, August  4, 2011

Brown 1st floor hallway

10:00 am – 11:00 am

Please join us to see the students’ final research projects which they have designed themselves!

The teams will be there to discuss their results and answer any questions you may have.

Refreshments will be provided! 


Summer Event: The Stage Hypnosis of Steve Marino

On Thursday, July 28th from 5:15pm to 6:30pm enjoy a free Hypnosis Show with Steve Marino and after the show, enjoy ice cream sundaes

Hypnotist Steve Marino has extensive experience delighting audiences throughout the USA with his unique style of stage hypnosis where volunteers become stars by unleashing their talents in a fun filled and tasteful manner.

This event will take place in the Ridgewood (A) Commons on Thursday, July 28th from 5:15pm to 6:30pm.

After the show, enjoy Ice Cream Sundaes with other members of the Brandeis Community.

This FREE event is open to everyone – Faculty, Staff, Students, and Student Employees

For more information about the performer, visit his website at


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