A reflection from Patricia Steiner, Ed. D., recipient of an Open and Affordable Educational Resource Grant. 


In November, 2016, I was asked to take on the redesign of this Masters level class.  I have been working on it for the past 4 months.  This is a class that provides students the opportunity to reflect on their own leadership style, their strengths and weaknesses and to explore challenges that have faced other leaders who have had varying degrees of success.  The objective of this class is an understanding self, awareness of self, and how we are perceived by others.

I started designing this class in December, 2016.   Through my discussions with my instructional designer Carol Damm, it became increasingly important to try and do without the costly books and case studies used in the course as it was previously designed.  Week after week, I added videos and other materials to make up for and replace the text book and the case studies.  I love the book for this class.   The thought of doing this class without the book was difficult for me to consider.  By the time I was offered the grant from the Open Source effort, I had gotten my issues down to a short list and I still had the book in the class. With the help of Jason Bernard, materials were located to make up for the few areas of concern that would have been lost without the book.

There are so many free resources available today that paying for comparable materials doesn’t seem warranted especially given the cost of tuition.  Any way we can save students money is important.   I’m glad I have taken the time to do this in my class.

It is interesting to note that sometimes an expert librarian/researcher can find materials that I wouldn’t otherwise locate.  I have often wished that I had an embedded librarian in every class that I teach.

The library is a critical resource.  This project was valuable.  I learned quite a bit about design and availability of free materials.  Two sessions of the class will pilot in May.  I am looking forward to experiencing this new classroom and the reactions of the students who attend.

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