Archived Ad: Aspiring Speech and Language Pathologist

As a senior double majoring in Psychology and East Asian studies, I am seeking advice as an aspiring speech and language pathologist (SLP) /behavioral therapist. I am driven to be an SLP due to my determination to work with underprivileged children with disabilities in the future. In the past few years, I have learned more about what being an SLP entails and the research research opportunities in the field through multiple internships and shadowing. As I gained more knowledge about the behavioral sciences throughout my Brandeis career, I am also interested in becoming a behavioral therapist. I am confused and I would love to hear your story, whether you are a certified therapist or a student in the discipline, that way I can make a well informed decision about becoming an SLP or behavioral therapist.

Student: Katherine Wong ’13
: Hong Kong
: Psychology, East Asian Studies