Archived Ad: Quantitative Senior Seeks Investment Management Advice

As an Economics major, I enjoy using my knowledge and quantitative skills to solve problems. Before my current role as a Risk Management Intern at Sovereign Bank, I have done research on actively managed ETFs at a division under the Oliver Wyman Group and assisted a Brandeis Economics Professor in his research and data analysis work (using STATA). After Brandeis, I want to continue understanding fundamentals and conducting quantitative analysis. Therefore, I have a passion for any position related to investment management, marketing/data analytics, valuation, and economic consulting. As a graduating senior, I am looking for entry level opportunities in the Greater New York City area and I look forward to meeting or chatting with alumni working in these industries. Thank you in advance for your help; I am all ears, for any experience you are willing to share and any advice you may have!

Student: Feifei Yang ’14
Hometown: China
Major: Economics