Archived Ad: Graduating Journalist Seeks Reporting & Research Opps

Graduating senior and aspiring journalist with experience in conducting research and writing for print and broadcast news outlets looking for reporting and research opportunities as well as advice from those in the field. I contributed writing for the local NPR station’s Morning Edition newscasts, local ABC affiliate’s evening newscasts as well as the campus newspaper’s News and Arts sections. I also have experience in conducting research for projects appearing in major print and broadcast media outlets, and was named the Michael Ratner Scholar in Investigative Journalism as a result of my contributions to investigative projects through the Schuster Institute for Investigative Journalism. I am fluent in Greek and proficient in Spanish, and have lived in both Greece (Thessaloniki & Athens) and Spain (Salamanca).

Name: Lydia Emmanouilidou ’14
Major(s): American Studies, Minors: Journalism, Hispanic Studies
Hometown: Newton, MA
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