Archived Ad: Junior Seeks Law Internship Advice

I am a History and Health: Science, Society and Policy (HSSP) double major interested in pursuing a career in law. I have gained some exposure to the practice of law through my internship this summer at Legal Outreach, Inc., during which I interacted daily with attorneys and law students, supervised field trips to a law firm and courthouses, engaged in and prepared students for a mock trial, and learned about various fields of law. I would like to advance my knowledge and understanding of the profession by spending some time working at a law firm. I am strongly considering applying for a part-time paralegal internship in Boston law firms for this spring and was wondering if anyone has tips about steps I should take. I would greatly appreciate any advice about how to approach this process, ideas about where to look for opportunities, and any general tips about applying. Thank you very much!

Name: Aditi Shah ’17
Majors: History, HSSP
Hometown: Yonkers, NY