Archived Ad: Psychology Major Seeks Industry Insight

I have been struggling for awhile to figure out how my interests might match a future career. I’m majoring in psychology and sociology, and find people fascinating. I realized last semester that working in a clinical/therapy context is not right for me. I’m more interested in relationships between people and group dynamics, but from a people-watcher perspective, such as how and why people misunderstand each other. I thought for a couple months that organizational psychology is right for me, because I think it applies some of this to create a more productive work space. But I don’t know how much I care about the business world and work environments – more just groups of people in general. I’ve been encouraged to look into social psychology. I do enjoy research and data analyzing, but I don’t want to be a professor. What else could I do with it? I’d love some help on what industries I should go into. I hate to be vain, but a large salary is important to me, and that scares me about my majors and interests. If it helps, I’m outgoing but fairly introverted and prefer working on tasks alone rather than in groups/teams.

Name: Naomi Weinblatt ’16
Majors: Psychology and sociology
Hometown: Queens, NY