Archived Ad: Philosophy Major Seeks Analyst Career Insight

Hello, I am Andrew Thomason. I have been, for the past month or so, visiting the career center and trying to figure out what career exactly I wish to pursue. I’ve found that I am interested in careers that require reasoning through problems. More specifically, careers such as fraud examiners, management analysts, and intelligence analyst. The appeal for me was the stated need for inductive reasoning, which has always been something that has interested me and the reason philosophy appealed to me in general. For the sake of fully knowing if this is what I wish to pursue, and how to pursue those potential careers, I would like to learn more about them, and how they apply specifically to my interest in inductive reasoning. It would also be great to learn what skills and qualifications specifically are needed for these careers. Thank you.

Name: Andrew Thomason ’16
Major: Philosophy
Hometown: Reynoldsburg, OH