Archived Ad: Getting Started In Entertainment

Hello! My name is Oye Ehikhamhen and I am a senior double majoring in Business and Health: Science, Society and Policy. Plot twist: Although it is not shown in my areas of study, I have a strong passion in theater and have immersed myself in it by taking classes as well as acting and directing in main stage productions during my time here at Brandeis. My passion for theater has lead to my interest in the entertainment industry as a whole – theater, film, publicity and management. Since I am not majoring in theater or films studies, my resources on “next steps” have been limiting. I am currently seeking advice on aspects of the entertainment industry including: how to get into this industry, managing the cutthroat environment, as well as how to balance work and personal life. I am more than welcoming of any advice that you believe will be useful to me or any of your own personal experiences that you can share with me. Thank you in advance!

Name: Oye Ehikhamhen ’17
Majors: business, health: science, society and policy
Hometown: Boston, MA