Insights into finance grad programs and internships

I will graduate in May 2019, and I am a junior student pursuing a B.A. in Economics, Mathematics, and Computer Science. I want to apply to Master of Financial Engineering programs in graduate school. I am interested in quantitative finance and I want to learn more about it. I have multifaceted skills in programming, math modeling, and business.

I am trying to find an internship which is related to quantitative finance in Summer 2018. I would appreciate any insights/suggestions from alumni on what kind of internship I should look for, how to strengthen my skills during my undergraduate school, and different Masters of Financial Engineering programs. Also, I am passionate about start-ups, especially financial start-ups. I would appreciate any viewpoints from alumni who are working in this field.

Thank you for your time and help in advance!

Name: Oliver He ’19
Majors: Mathematics, Economics and Computer Science
Hometown: Zhejiang, China
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